The Tower of Destruction & The Hanged Man

Christian Mediations on the Tarot: The Soul’s Choice
A Thirteen Card Spread of Inspirational Trumps & Aces:
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The Tower of Destruction points to the destiny of the egoic mind together with its projects—i.e. the inevitable end of “the story of me”, however successful “I” may be along the way (cf. “the tower of Babel” or “the house built on the sand”).


MOTT References:
“confronted by divine reality” (444).


The Hanged Man suggests the possibility of taking up our cross— of “dying before we die” —and entering the kingdom NOW…  (aka transcending the ego, being crucified with Christ—cf. Romans 6:4-6; Galatians 2:20).


MOTT References:
“attraction from above” (307).


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