.MOTT Study Guides

mott-ver4In these preliminary study guides (listed below), we will consider each of the Major Arcana or Trumps in numerical order, beginning with the unnumbered Fool and continuing from Roman numeral I (The Magician) through Roman numeral XXI (The World).  New students should be aware that, in Meditations on the Tarot, our Anonymous Author examines The Fool in Letter XXI and The World in Letter XXII.  The beginning student should also  be aware that in the Rider Waite Smith deck, The Fool is numbered “0” (zero) and the numbers for Justice and Force have been reversed.  Please see our Tarot History pages to learn more about the Waite Smith tarot.

The Fool
I: The Magician
II: The High Priestess
III: The Empress
IV: The Emperor
V: The Pope
VI: The Lover
VII: The Chariot
VIII: Justice
IX: The Hermit
X: The Wheel of Fortune
XI: Force
XII: The Hanged Man
XIII: Death
XIV: Temperance
XV: The Devil
XVI: The Tower of Destruction
XVII: The Star
XVIII: The Moon
XIX: The Sun
XX: The Judgement
XXI: The World

MOTT Study Guides –> The Fool

3 Responses to .MOTT Study Guides

  1. Don McKee says:

    Is there even a rough schedule for the completion of the study guides for the remaining cards? The guides done so far have been most illuminating. Thank you.


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