Tarot for the Solitary Soul

Tarot for the Solitary Soul is a Facebook group:

Tarot for the Solitary Soul fb banner
The idea is that an exposure to the Tarot can foster a higher degree of self-knowledge in  people of most any age, background, or temperament.  While CMOTT.NET is especially dedicated to our Anonymous Author‘s Meditations on the Tarot, we must acknowledge that other approaches to the Tarot can also be beneficial — whether in their own right or as a propaedeutic to our Anonymous Author‘s “Christian Hermeticism”.  It is with this in mind that Tarot for the Solitary Soul has been created on Facebook and that additional space has been set aside, here, for interaction with (and promotion of) the community that is forming there.

As a first step in that interaction and promotion, a page is being created here to promote members’ websites (and other recommended links) and these members are invited to submit short essays or articles on MOTT to be published here.  Please stay tuned!

–>  Members’ Websites and Favorite Tarot Links

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