Study Guide VIIII. The Hermit

A new “study guide” for  Letter VIIII* on The Hermit was recently posted.  While reading this summary is obviously no substitute for reading the original, it should offer a good review for those already familiar this Letter and may help to focus the new student’s attention on the core issue(s) being discussed.  Apropos of the discussion of contemplation & action AND the intellect & the heart in this study guide, two additional pages have been posted under the Xtra menu which feature relevant material from the authors indicated in parentheses:

IMPORTANT:  Please enjoy this study guide, but don’t neglect the original–the spiritual essence of these letters cannot be captured by a summary, regardless of how accurate and detailed it may be.  Quality time with our anonymous author is essential!  🙂

–> Study Guide VIIII.  The Hermit

* Note:  The Roman numeral “VIIII” reflects the older convention utilized by the Tarot of Marseille known as “long form” or “additive notation” (VIIII instead of the shorter, “subtractive” IX).

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