Christian Mediations on the Tarot: The Soul’s Choice
A Thirteen Card Spread of Inspirational Trumps & Aces

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Meditations on the Tarot: A Journey into Christian Hermeticism
By Anonymous (Author), Robert Powell (Translator),
Hans Urs vonBalthasar (Afterword)
Copyright © 2002 Tarcher/Penguin

Page references for quoted and paraphrased passages from MOTT (which are found on page 9 of the booklet) are here provided along with the discussion of each card, where applicable:

[ IntroductionThe Lover | The Wheel & The World | The Moon & The Sun |
| The Tower & The Hanged Man | The Ace of Swords & The Ace of Batons |
| The Devil & Temperance | The Ace of Coins & The Ace of Chalices |
| Commentary & Conclusion | Acknowledgements |
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NOTE:  Although Meditations on the Tarot (hereafter MOTT ) is the primary inspiration behind this booklet, the interpretations of the Tarot images contained herein— while generally consistent with that work —sometimes diverge without comment from those of our anonymous author.  Note also that that the Tarot Aces, which are discussed here, are not discussed in MOTT and that its treatment of the Tarot suits is Kabbalistic whereas this approach is best characterized as Neoplatonic.

[See also TTTarot Hermeneutics for additional background on the arrangement of images that represent The Soul's Choice.]

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