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TeenyTinyTarot is dedicated to giving broader exposure to the spiritual currents which find expression in the 22 Letters (to “the unknown friend”) which comprise Valentin Tomberg’s “Meditations on the Tarot: A Journey into Christian Hermeticism”.   As a way of promoting this work, we distribute inexpensive sets of TeenyTinyTarot © Trumps and Aces.  A small purchase price is charged for these cards to recoup a fraction of our costs and to facilitate optimal distribution through local and online marketplaces.

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If you would like to enrich your personal meditations and help share the path of Christian Hermeticism with other Unknown Friends, please consider purchasing an inexpensive set of 22 TeenyTinyTarot © Trumps or a set of our Meditative Tarot Aces.  The best place to shop for them is on eBay.  Or scroll down to read more about them here…

NOTE:  We now offer two versions of our TeenyTinyTarot © Trumps:

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