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mott-ver4This page is designed to pull together as much quality content as possible from around the web pertaining to Meditations on the Tarot  (MOTT for short – Copyright © 2002 Tarcher/Penguin).  Here– in more or less random order –is what has been discovered so far:

  • Gornahoor.Net:  A 50 page PDF index of MOTT.  The same (or a very similar) index appears at Tarot Hermeneutics in a larger print format (92 pages).  It concludes with this copyright:
    Copyright © Colin James Hamer 2000 Doctor Colin James Hamer, D.C.H., M.R.P., S.T.L., Ph.D., A.F.Phys. (I.T.E.C.), D.Sc. (hc) Master of the Rainbow Program & Director of Creativity House

–>  MOTT Study Guides

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  1. Nice directory. Another interesting MOTT web site may be found at


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