MOTT Web Links

mott-ver4This page is designed to pull together as much quality content as possible from around the web pertaining to Meditations on the Tarot  (MOTT for short).  Here– in more or less random order –is what has been discovered so far:

  • Gornahoor.Net:  A 50 page PDF index of MOTT.  The same (or a very similar) index appears at Tarot Hermeneutics in a larger print format (92 pages).  It concludes with this copyright:
    Copyright © Colin James Hamer 2000 Doctor Colin James Hamer, D.C.H., M.R.P., S.T.L., Ph.D., A.F.Phys. (I.T.E.C.), D.Sc. (hc) Master of the Rainbow Program & Director of Creativity House

–>  MOTT Study Guides

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  1. Nice directory. Another interesting MOTT web site may be found at


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