. . . Why Meditate on the Tarot?

Cultivate the Seed of Self-Transcendence:

  • The Self is a relation that relates to
    itself and to the power which grounds
    (cf. Kierkegaard).
  • The idea of “the separate self” is an
    illusion to be transcended.

Serious Students May Reasonably Aspire To:

  • Enhanced Self-Knowledge
  • Authentic Inspiration and Creativity
  • Clarity and Grace in Thought and Action
  • More Effective Communication and Better Interpersonal Relationship Skills

Students May also Come to Recognize and Honor their Eternal Life NOW:                                                      

  • Each of us participates in the magic, eternal life that NOW IS.
  • The Tarot provides a context for concentration and mindful introspection.
  • Fear, desire, resentment, and wishful thinking are observed–not served.
  • Courage, Courtesy, and Self-Reliance are cultivated in the process.
  • If and when conditions are right, the “separate self” will be seen through.

Students who so desire may explore “The Four Precepts” as an Initial or Supplemental Approach to Self-Inquiry:

  • Remember Your Divine Essence
    (Remember your essential Self—”Christ-in-you, the hope of glory…”)
  • Say Yes to Life Unconditionally
    (Harbor no regrets, no “if onlys”…  Rather, “take up your cross…”)
  • Overcome the Spirit of Resentment and Revenge
    (“Love your neighbor…”  “Love your enemies…”
    Don’t blame “them”…
    “We are members, one of another…”)
  • Follow Your Bliss
    (“Love and do what you will…”  Discover your real will…)

Quoting P.D. Ouspensky:  “If we imagine [the] twenty-one [numbered Tarot  Trumps] disposed in the shape of a triangle, seven cards on each side, a point in the centre of the triangle represented by the zero card [the Fool], and a square round the triangle (the square consisting of fifty-six cards, fourteen on each side), we shall have a representation of the relation between God, Man and the Universe, or the relation between the world of ideas, the consciousness of man and the physical world.  The triangle is God (the Trinity) or the world of ideas, or the noumenal world.  The point is man’s soul.  The square is the visible, physical or phenomenal world.  Potentially, the point is equal to the square, which means that all the visible world is contained in man’s consciousness, is created in man’s soul.  And the soul itself is a point having no dimension in the world of the spirit, symbolized by the triangle.  It is clear that such an idea could not have originated with ignorant people and clear also that the Tarot is something more than a pack of playing or fortune-telling cards” (The Symbolism of the Tarot).

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