TeenyTinyTarot.Com is dedicated to giving broader exposure to the Christian Hermeticism articulated by an (erstwhile) anonymous author (now known to have been Valentin Tomberg) and addressed to an Unknown Friend in the form of 22 Letters which, together, constitute  Meditations on the Tarot (hereafter “MOTT“– Copyright © 2002 Tarcher/Penguin).  In addition to an ongoing blog devoted to a general study of this text (featuring exegesis and commentary), study guides for each letter are also planned.  These guides are intended to help direct the study of beginning students and to serve as an opportunity for review for those who have already worked their way through the text.

Also– as a way of promoting this project –an inexpensive set of all 22 Trumps have been printed and are now available in exchange for a small donation.   These Teeny Tiny Tarot © Trumps are designed to function both as a learning tool and as a way of sharing Meditations on the Tarot through this website.  preview 00. The FoolContemplating the details of these Major Arcana (or Trumps) in conjunction with a close reading of the text can be extremely fruitful.  And these cards are inexpensive enough to distribute rather freely– card by card, or deck by deck –as a kind of invitation to any unknown friends who may be in the vicinity (i.e. anyone who is sincerely seeking an authentic current of spiritual wisdom).

These Trumps are based on an antique deck  hearkening back to the Nicholas Conver era of 18th century France.  The back of each card features a very contemporary wood-grain design which  includes our domain name elegantly displayed in a very classy papyrus script.  Our Teeny Tiny Tarot Trumps are currently available for as little as $2.99 per set, including shipping and handling.  Deep discounts are available to study groups or college instructors buying in quantity.  For more information, please email:


Readers who would like to own a full sized deck of more colorful and graphically precise cards– including the 56 Minor Arcana in addition to the 22  Major Arcana –should search for the Tarot of Marseille on Amazon.  Below is a colorful deck by Fournier.  Another fine deck is available from CBD Tarot.

Le Tarot de Marseille (The Tarot of Marseilles) Tarot Card Deck, by Fournier

founier tarot of marseille

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