A Metaphysical Reading of the Tarot Suits (version 3.2)


Formatted to print as 5.5 x 8.5 inch booklet.

[Print on both sides of 2 sheets, “flipping” them on the short edge, then folding and stapling them in the middle.]

Click on this link to download:

Please note that while the Anonymous Author of Meditations on the Tarot cannot always be appealed to as the authority for (or even the primary inspiration behind) every aspect of this approach, it is nevertheless generally consistent with his work. See, for example, the beginning of Letter II, “The High Priestess”, pages 29-31 —and also this brief discussion in Letter XXII:

“Concerning the four “suits”— pentacles, swords, cups and wands —they correspond exactly to the structure of the sacred name YHVH and, consequently, to the four elements. Wands represent the emanating principle, the YOD of the divine name; cups represent the conceiving principle, the first HE of the divine name; swords represent the formative principle, the VAU of the divine name; and pentacles symbolise the principle of form, the second HE of the divine name” (Letter XXII, “The World”, page 654; cf. Figure 1 in the PDF file).

Note also that this a work in progress which has been kept intentionally brief (and very dense) for ease of printing in these few, short pages. Additional clarification and elaboration is definitely in order…

Follow this link to download:

–> A Metaphysical Reading of the Tarot Suits (version 3.2)

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