Teeny Tiny Tarot © Trumps & Aces

 2 + 1 Christmas Combo (Waite-Smith + Marseille)

TeenyTinyTarot.Com is dedicated to giving broader exposure to the spiritual currents which find expression in the 22 Letters (to “the unknown friend”) which comprise Valentin Tomberg’s Meditations on the Tarot: A Journey into Christian Hermeticism.   As a way of promoting this work, we distribute inexpensive sets of TeenyTinyTarot © Trumps and Aces on a non-profit basis for educational and contemplative purposes.  A small purchase price is charged for these cards to recoup a fraction of our costs and to facilitate optimal distribution through local and online marketplaces.

It is in this vein that the following items have been posted in combination on ebay and Amazon in anticipation of Black Friday and the Holiday Shopping Season:

  • Two sets of 22 Waite-Smith style Trumps (One Set in Golden Gift Box with Embossed Seal)
  • Two sets of 4 Waite-Smith style Aces — one in “Standard Packaging” & one for immediate use with the 2nd set of Trumps (“No Special Packaging”)
  • One set of 26 Marseille Trumps & Aces (“No Special Packaging”)
  • Each card is 2 x 3.5 inches (Waite-Smith cards have round corners)
  • Information on Meditations on the Tarot along with additional Tarot related literature (including the rules for “Playing the Fool” and “Lovers Solitaire”).

=> Shop on ebay.com                                                              => Shop on Amazon.Com

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