Death and Resurrection

“Having beheld the resurrection of Christ, let us worship the holy Lord Jesus, the only Sinless One. We venerate Your cross, O Christ, and we praise and glorify Your holy resurrection. You are our God. We know no other than You, and we call upon Your name. Come, all faithful, let us venerate the holy resurrection of Christ. For behold, through the cross joy has come to all the world. Blessing the Lord always, let us praise His resurrection. For enduring the cross for us, he destroyed death by death.”

Since this is Holy Week for the western church, I thought I would share a couple of links that  pertain to death and resurrection from an esoteric point of view.  The first is by Frithjof Schuon, and concerns the cross (and the necessity of dying before we die) and the second pertains to St. Symeon’s vision of the resurrection (and the possibility of beholding the risen Lord as we are raised with Him in newness of life).

cross and resurrectionThe Cross (Frithjof Schuon)

A Clear Vision of Christ’s Resurrection:

These and related themes are represented symbolically in the Major Arcana  of the Tarot of Marseille:

tarot new life

  • The Hanged Man represents those who “die before they die” (taking up their cross, they have a different center of gravity).
  • As such, in the image above, The Hanged Man is positioned before the Death card (i.e. before the rather grim looking reaper who represents the approach of our physical demise).
  • The children playing in the light of the Sun represent those who, dying before they die, become like little children and enter the kingdom (having seen the risen Lord and being raised with Him in newness of life).
  • But for the separate self– aka “the carnal mind” –this entry into life is experienced as judgement.
  • Finally, eternal life in the kingdom of heaven is symbolized by the World which– relative to our “falleness” (or sense of separation) –is often portrayed as “the world to come”, but which, from another point of view is said to be within us; among us; at handspread out upon the earth, though, by and large, men see it not  (cf. Gospel of Thomas 113; Luke 17:21).

–>  Click here for more on St. Symeon and The Mystical Resurrection of Christ

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